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What do we intend to do here at Different Rhythm Foundation? We help man help conservation, the environment, and continue the cycle.

Who and What do we want to help? Humanity, Wildlife, and Marine life.

Where do we want to help? Anywhere and Everywhere.

We launched this organization with our first program focused in Africa. However, that  has not been the only region we have helped rendered aid to. We are proud and honored to have played a role on domestic and foreign lands.

Different Rhythm Foundation is a 501(c)3 Exempt Non-Profit Organization dedicated to healing the relationship between man and nature.


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​"Different Rhythm Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes a healing relationship between man and nature. We aim to influence the co-existence through environmental & conservation awareness, education and rehabilitation. 

​501(c)3 Exemption

EIN# 46-2293522




Rosie Plaia,  Founder | President: Board of Director


Different Rhythm Foundation was founded in 2013, years after founder Rosie Plaia took her first trip to Africa and fell in love. She has a 21 year career of dedication for numerous causes she is passionate about. She loves the culture, people, land and animals. The experience only went on to confirm the ideology she was raised with - how much man, the wildlife and the environment need one other. Rosie is on a “different rhythm” -- every time she visits a sub-Saharan, Asian or European country.  That’s ok with her.  She was raised in a rural ranching and farming community in Southeast Texas to a Sicilian father and a Native American – Northern Paiute mother.  You can say the conservation and the environment was in her blood.  Africa heals her soul, something she wants to help others experience as well. Rosie has spent volunteer time in over 30 countries helping the people learn how to sustain a living off their own natural resources, to illegal wildlife trafficking, human trafficking, child soldiering, weapons running, and defending the defenseless. She has personally donated over $80,000+ of her own monies to aid these projects within these countries and she desires to do so much more - foreign and domestic. She has volunteered in schools, tree-planting projects, beekeeping projects, medical mainstreaming and multiple agricultural projects and on the ground operations to aid in the "Blood Trades." Nothing has helped find her peace and purpose more than giving back to ‘Mother Earth’ and fighting for what is "morally and ethically right for man and animal."

Andrew (Red) Perera, Vice President  | Natural Resource Theft Protection: Board of Directors, Field Operator

A USMC Infantry combat veteran turned environmental defender, human rights specialist, and administrative organizer.

Andrew graduated from University of Tulsa College of Law with a passion for International Indigenous Rights and natural resources protection. A Polynesian, Oglala Lakota and Kahnawake Mohawk man, he is a father and husband intent on giving a better world to his son.

Andrew chose DRF because “ We have the same ethos and values, and a desire to save our place in this world”.

Serve no man, but live in service to our earth.


Race Blackwell, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors | Information Specialist

Race is a frontline journalist, conservationist, and information specialist from Los Gatos , CA. He graduated from Humboldt State University with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication. Race has also earned his paralegal certificate and is currently working towards a MS in Library and Information Sciences from San Jose State University. Race is also a field photographer and has won several awards for his journalism; the California College Media Association Award for Best Magazine Photo Series and the Burstiner Award (HSU) . 

James "JJ" Boone, Director of K9 Operations: 

A Marine Infantry Veteran with a warrior mentality for all aspects of life. While navigating through life after combat JJ has found a passion for working with animals, especially dogs, to keep his mind and spirit in check. He earned his Geochemistry Degree from The University of Montana Missoula and traveled the country while starting a family and acquiring several dogs along the way.

Most recently JJ earned his Reserve SRT Deputy Sheriff's badge in Newton County Mississippi where he assists in the training of their Special Response Team. He also has a hand in training working dogs as well as being a contractor in the private security sector.

JJ is always training physically and mentally in an effort to provide a safer world for his wife and three children. When he is not working you will find him running with his dogs, hanging out at the local animal shelter trying to find a forever home for a new furry friend or competing in tactical competitions.

Sandra Van Der Ploeg, Social Media Liaison | Admin Asst:  

Sandra has a passion for  wildlife and Mother Earth. She states, "it has always been there since childhood, but really rose to the surface after my first trip to the continent of Africa." 

Sandra was born and raised in The Netherlands. She speaks four languages and has traveled the globe. Her globally diverse nature of culture is invaluable in the field and as a social media consultant.  


One day Sandra caught the bug, and we mean the activism and advocating bug. She wanted to do more than play a game sitting on the sidelines. Sandra took steps to get involved, directly. The diffusal of animal abuse, animal cruelty and the 'blood trades" of Africa screamed for help. Sandra was going to take her passion for these causes, her own self abilities, coupled with the best training, by some of the best in the industries and take on the poaching crisis in the sub-regional countries of Africa by lending them aid. Sandra is proof that passion and conviction can take you anywhere. She has since been trained on many levels and in many areas of conservation, environmentalism and anti-poaching tactical & craft skills. Sandra is in training to become a Veterinarian Technician in the The Netherlands.


To keep her craft/s in line and on target, Sandra loves to participate in various forms of fitness, from crossfit, Challenge Treks, or time at the firearm range.  

Cody "Shots Firing" Fay, Frontline Photographer  

Cody is an indigenous Kanaka Ranger from Hilo, Hawaii. She works tirelessly volunteering her time on the frontlines of natural resource theft sites around the Islands. Cody lives and breathes the DRF ethos. For her, it's about capturing not just atrocities or beauty, but history, and making sure it is credibly recorded for the future generations.


Gabby Catania, AMBASSADOR: Veterinary Student at Tufts University


Gabby knew from an early age what she wanted, but her dream and passion was grand. With the never-ending love and support of family, friends and educators, Gabby  attended Ross Vet School in St. Kitts and Nevis and helped make a difference one patient and smile at a time. She states, “I mean I think one of the biggest draws to DRF is that the men and women are a physical embodiment of the one health initiative, but way more expansive and inclusive. DRF commitment to the protection, conservation, respect for the interconnectedness between animal, earth and humankind is an honor to be a part of, and I wouldn’t miss working and experiencing all of this with them for anything. To work with Rosie Plaia (A69) and all her crossover industry experience, the rest of this extraordinary team and ambassador’s is an honor. Outside of my veterinarian education, I can’t wait in spreading the message for DRF in support of man and animal.”

Taylor Collins, AMBASSADOR: Animal Welfare, Military Specialty


I am so honored and blessed to be a part of your team! My name is Taylor Collins, I am 25 years old and I was born in the great state of Texas! I am no stranger to the military world, one might say I’m even an army brat. When I was 8 years old my father SFC. Gary L. Collins was killed in action (KIA) fight over seas in the Iraqi war. Growing up without him has been a challenge but his biggest goals for my sister and I was to graduate college and that I did... May 5th I will be graduating from Missouri Western State University with a degree in health and exercise science and a minor concentrating in coaching... it has been a hard 15 years without my father by my side but believe me when I say because of him I push forward everyday. I’m 100% on board with our service men and women and thankful for everything they do for our country day in and day out. Thank you. I also love kids I have been a competitive cheer coach for almost 6 years now and I also love animals, I mean who doesn’t? When I was little I always had a fascination with animals I always wanted to work with them in some way shape or form, from either being a veterinarian or a marine biologist or even just someone Who owned their own dog and cat rescue center one day. Though I’ve chosen exercise and coaching over my dreams of working with animals, I still believe deep in my heart that I was put on this planet to be a voice for the voiceless I will never stop caring for what I know is right. So with all that being said, I’m excited to be that voice for those who cannot speak and I’m so ready to take on the journey with you all as an ambassador." 


Landry Marie Collins, AMBASSADOR: Animal Welfare, Military Specialty


"I’m Landry! I’m a spontaneous active influencer. I hold a contagious positive uplift on life. My life goal is to simply be great and do great. I wasn’t dealt the best hand in life although it’s taught me to be strong for those who can’t. Speak for those who can’t. Lastly impact those who needs the influence to do so. I support animals immensely and caring a deep love towards them. No matter what animal. Having my dad pass away in the military also brought a strong love towards working with soldiers and a ton of beneficial nonprofit organizations to help soldiers. Always always willing to support and put my time and effort into organizations that are genuine and deserve greatness."

Our Mission

Different Rhythm Foundation is a Texas based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes a healing relationship between man and nature. We aim to influence the co-existence through environmental & conservation awareness, education and rehabilitation.

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