Poaching is the illegal hunting of animals.  It happens in lots of countries around the world and is driving many species to the brink of extinction.  If poaching continues at its current rate, creatures like elephants and rhino may be gone in our lifetime.   

Poachers hunt animals such as rhino, elephants and big cats to sell their body parts.

Rhino horn and ivory, which is found in elephant tusks, can be illegally sold for huge amounts of money on the black market, even funding terrorist factions, militia groups, corrupt militant cartels, all committing a series of illegal activities. Illegal wildlife trafficking is a war! The Bloods Trades are real. Wildlife parts are the commodity. The supply/demand by countries willing to pay for it - at any cost.  They're sold to countries like China and Vietnam, where they can be carved into ornaments, jewelry and even chopsticks. 

Many people, governments and charities, are involved in the protection of animals.

The Royal family are also involved in the fight against poaching.

Leaders around the world have made agreements to stop illegal animal parts coming into their countries, but it's still happening and it hasn't stopped poachers.

Recently, thousands of elephant tusks were destroyed in Kenya to send a stronger message to poachers.

Technology is playing a part in helping to stop poaching too.

In places like South Africa, rangers patrol areas and keep a lookout for poachers and now new technology like drones and night vision goggles are helping them in their fight. Rules of engagement and airspace use vary per country.

WE NEVER FORGET OUR 4-LEGGED APU K-9's.  The hero APU working dogs.

photo credit: Kruger

photo credit: natgeo

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